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Save money on air conditioning AND heating with air-to-air heat pumps

Considerable savings on installation...

Even without the UK Government Grant offered on other heat pumps, air-to-air heat pumps are VAT FREE and less than half the cost on average, than air-to-water systems. That’s some serious cost savings!

Don’t buy an air conditioner until you explore air-to-air heat pumps first!

If you’re thinking about installing an AC in your home, you should firstly consider air to air heat pumps that can offer state of the art air conditioning for increasingly hot UK summers and low cost and powerful heating during the winter months. All in the same system!

How much could you save each month?

Find out how much you can reduce your monthly energy bills by…

How air-to-air heat pumps work



  • During cold UK weather…

    • Works incredibly well in winter months
    • Absorbs outside air heat, even in extreme cold
    • Fans that heat indoors
    • Air is cleaned & purified
    • Thermostat-controlled for perfect temperature
    • Highly energy-efficient & environmentally friendly!
  • During hot UK months…

    • Provides air conditioning all year round
    • Absorbs outside cooler air, even in heatwaves
    • Fans cool air into your home
      The system cleans and filters the air
    • Internal temperature can be controlled easily
    • Eco friendly and with huge energy & cost savings!

The Benefits of Air-to-air heat pumps

Efficient, reliable & very low cost

An air-to-air heat pump is a new, ultra efficient method of heating, and is the ONLY system that has the added benefit of air conditioning your home too.

Icon - No need for radiators

Energy Saving Ultra Efficiency

Ultra-efficient -1KW energy in, 4KW energy out. Coverts air outside to heat or cool inside at up to 4 x efficiency

Icon - No need for radiators

Remove The Need For Radiators

No radiators, ugly pipework or need for underfloor heating, unlike other heating systems

Icon - Reduced CO2 emissions

Vastly Reduced Environmental Impact

You can expect an average of 66% to 75% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to other systems

Icon - Very Safe

Extremely Safe & Family Friendly

There are no fumes or dangerous chemicals from the units and no risk of fire or explosions

Icon - Long lifespan & low maintenance

Long Lifespan & Very Low Maintenance

You can expect a heat pump to last for 20+ years and it only requires a low cost annual service and occasional filter cleaning

Icon - Ultra quiet performance

Ultra Quiet Unit Performance

All units we install provide a super quiet performance! Noise output is only between 20 and 30 dB (just a whisper!)

Icon - Adds value to your property

Adds Resale Value To Your Property

Add value to your property with 21st century heating and cooling. Home buyers will be impressed by the low energy bills

Icon - Provides sustainable heating AND cooling

Provides Sustainable Heating AND Cooling

Air-to-air heat pumps are the only systems that provide you with sustainable heating AND cooling, all year around

How much could you save?

Air-to-air heat pumps are a very cost-effective alternative to traditional boilers and other heat pumps.

  • Average UK home uses 1000 kWh for heating monthly, air-to-air heat pump would do the same job with only 250 kW
  • Air-to-air heatpumps allow you to retain your boiler for heating water but remove the need for central heating, leading to considerable cost and energy savings
  • VAT Free for installation
  • No Government grant like air to water heat pumps, however they are half the price to install on average
  • Don’t require additional insulation, removal of existing heating systems like radiators or underfloor heating, or any kind of extensive cosmetic work
  • Significantly reduced running costs, a major selling point for homeowners if you sell your property
  • Infrequent checks and basic upkeep are all that’s needed, contrasting sharply with the often costly and time-consuming maintenance associated with conventional heating systems.

Our service is 5 star rated!

Steve P
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Definitely recommend these guys. Gary's service and help is second to none. A real credit to the business. Thanks again
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Best company excellent service. Gary and Paul both very helpfull.I would definitely recommend this company to everyone.
Sami Habel
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The service was excellent from start to finish. Survey and installation were second to none. Price is reasonable. The communication was excellent as well where our request of availability for installation was taken into account. Highly recommended.
Mark Draper
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Without doubt the best company i have dealt with. From initial enquiry, excellent communication all the way through. The fitter left absolutely no trace that he'd been in the house. Would definitely use again
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Smooth, quick process from start to finish. Quick delivery and fitting was super simple. thanks again
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Gary has been really efficient, clear and helpful at every stage of ordering. Highly recommend
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Fabulous product, great customer service, would definitely recommend
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Excellent communication , service and product ! Very pleased .
Roger Murphy
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Good company. Great product

How this incredible heating & cooling technology works

Air-to-air heat pumps controller
Air-to-air heat pump controller

When heating is desired...

Warm air at the touch of a button

icon - heat pumps fore economical warming
Air-to-air heat pumps
Air-to-air heatpump in use

When cooling is desired...

Cool air at the touch of a button

icon - heat pumps fore economical cooling
Diakin logo

WarmVent endorse Daikin air-to-air heat pumps which are well recognised for their exceptional performance and energy efficiency.  Daikin’s advanced inverter technology ensures precise temperature control, leading to enhanced comfort levels. Additionally, their sleek design integrates into all homes. Equipped with user-friendly controls and smart connectivity, they offer convenience and flexibility. The commitment to using environmentally friendly refrigerants in Daikin heat pumps further underscores their dedication to sustainability. 

Daikin heat pump
Daikin air-to-air heatpump unit
Panasonic logo

WarmVent have partnered with Panasonic because of their exceptional quality and technological superiority. These units offer a perfect blend of comfort and eco-friendliness. With features like whisper-quiet operation and advanced air purification, they ensure a healthier indoor environment. The robust build and reliable performance of Panasonic heat pumps underscore their commitment to durability. This makes them a wise investment for long-term savings and a minimal environmental impact, all while maintaining the highest standards of quality and innovation.

Panasonic heat pump
Panasonic air-to-air heat pump unit


Expert air-to-air heat pump service, based in Coventry

Air-to-air heat pumps installation

1. We understand your requirements

Installing an air-to-air heat pump system is not a simple task although we make it look simple! The first expert requirement is to correctly calculate the right unit to cover the internal area you need.

Installation 2

2. Site survey and consultation

We will agree a convenient time to visit you. Each visit will take around 45 minutes. In preparation for your site survey, you should consider your preferred locations for the units.

Air-to-air heat pumps Installation

3. You recieve a no-obligation quote

After our visit, we will provide you with a no-obligation quote, that will include the supply, fitting, commissioning and support for the required units. We are confident our competitive quote will offer the best value.


Trusted installers in British homes for over 25 years

The WBH Industries Group

WBH Industries has been installing physical and electronic security and ventilation systems in British homes for over 25 years. We have over ten thousand happy and satisfied customers. This, together with our background in engineering and building renovation, means that we understand all the complexities of a modern heating and cooling system. We are committed to being at the forefront of the sustainable heating and cooling revolution, saving you money and the planet at the same time.

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